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Dr. Farrukh is the Co-Founder of Alif Technologies and Shariah Experts and an expert in Shariah , finance, and fintech. Daniel says it was Bitcoin that brought him back to the study of economics, specifically an interest in Austrian economics. And the synergy between tech and economics led to the formation of GAP600. In Daniel’s view, Bitcoin SV has the most compelling option to reach mass adoption and enable vast economic progression on a global scale. Rafael runs his tokenization consulting firm BCP Labs in Berlin and specializes in hybrid fundraising for startups. He co-founded various blockchain ventures such as Doxychain in Poland and OpenQ in Germany.

Recently she led the COVID-19 response program of the Kingdom of Lesotho in the role of Deputy CEO of the National COVID-19 Secretariat, working with cabinet leadership, civil servants, UN agencies, and policymakers at the highest level of government. He is a result-oriented professional that has changed the narrative of the Nigerian IT industry. Kashifu has since placed NITDA and Nigeria's IT sector on the global digital economy map, setting enviable standards and heights, which has, in turn, improved the overall outlook of the sector. Dr. Farrukh holds a Ph.D. degree in Islamic Finance from INCEIF in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

He previously worked for seven years in investment banking and three years in equity research, financial trading, and asset management— including roles at Deutsche Bank and VTB Capital. Getty Images On a more practical level, Miami provided people like Josip Rupena an opportunity to pitch their new startups and attract the attention of customers and investors. Rupena, a former Goldman Sachs trader and Morgan Stanley private wealth manager, is the founder of Florida-based Milo. The new mortgage-lending business will dispense home loans secured by cryptocurrency—something most ordinary banks absolutely won’t do—for rates around 5.95% on a 30-year loan. (Higher than the nationwide 5.09% average but not a shock given the additional risk posed by the crypto.) Milo recently raised a $17 million Series A and plans to tolerate a substantial amount of the crypto market’s volatility.

With vast experience in sales and events, Kumaraguru has managed business events in the UAE, Qatar, Oman, Iraq, Abu Dhabi, South Africa, Europe, and India. Including advising government agencies on the impact of certain technologies. Lorien Gamaroff is the Founder and CEO of Bankymoon, a blockchain and cryptocurrency consultancy, and Co-Founder and CEO of Centbee, a cryptocurrency payments and remittance company. He is more than happy spending all day hacking at code, building things on the bleeding edge of innovation. John is also the CTO at Esports Entertainment Group Appoints , a licensed online gambling company focusing on esports wagering and 18+ gaming.

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